Why Start a Laundry Locker Business

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Low Start-up Investment

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Generate Passive Income

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Flexible Business Model


What are Laundry Lockers?


Business Model Benefits

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Under 10k Investment

Starting a Laundry Locker business costs between 5-10k depending on how big you want the business.

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Good Passive Income

The technology is mature and runs autonomously if set up properly to create luctravite passive income

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Flexible business model

Either manage pick-up and deliveries or partner with a local cleaner

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Potential to scale

Once you find your groove you can grow faster and cheaper than your local compeditors. 

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Low Maintanence

Low staff requirements and robust hardware and software mean low maintanence.

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Industry Stability

People always need their clothes cleaned and lockers are forecast to grow.

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Run Business From Home

Set-up your HQ at home for the time being and once its established you can work remote.

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Solve Real World Problems

A novel technology that delivers ultimate conveneince, solving real problems.

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COVID Contactless Business

Contact free pick-up and delivery in case of pandemics.

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The Ground Work is Done

We have gone through the hard yards so you don't have to.

Customers Say

Yashu Wodnicki

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"Breezy fast-tracked our laundry locker business. The lockers are just beautiful and quality is definitely there. Thank you Breezy!"

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Spot on Wet Cleaners / Owner

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Michael Donovan

"My wife and I decided against reinventing the wheel and went with Dan. We saved enough time and money to make using Breezy well worth it."

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Elite Dry Cleaners / Co-Owner

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Gavin Furlough

"I installed Breezy lockers in my laundromat and revenue's increased 3-4k per month. Highly recommended."

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Southside Laundromat / Owner


Some of our customers

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