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"Breezy was founded in 2012 and was built into the largest laundry locker business in the southern hemisphere. Our team now help companies around the world build effective laundry locker businesses while speeding their entry to market while avoiding some of the hard lessons we learned along the way."

Daniel P. Stoof - Founder


Who we serve


We serve business owners in the laundry industry like dry cleaners, laundromat and laundrette (wash and fold) companies.

We also help entrepreneurs and organisaitons that see an opportunity for creating laundry locker businesses in their local market or through their network.


Why people want laundry lockers


1. Offer customers convenience. Laundry lockers are an ultra convenient drop off and pick up point for people nearby. They are also open 24/7 and offer contactless drop-off, pick-up and payment.

2. Maximise output of existing pick-up and delivery businesses by extending their services into communities like apartment buildings, gated residences, universities or offices.


3. Make picking up and delivering from single locations easier, where all the drop offs and pick-ups can be made in one visit.


4. Extend the reach of their services into territories they are not currently servicing through more efficient pick up and delivery.

5. Allow existing laundromats or dry cleaners the ability to be unstaffed more often, or operate fully autonomously with no staff required instore at any point and 'keep the doors open' 24/7

6. Starting a laundry locker business is under 10k has low-overheads and are easy to maintain.

7. To give companies a chance to differentiate over their competition and have a stronger value proposition.

8. Mitigate COVID and hygiene concerns by offering a contactless service.

9. The ground work has already been done to set-up a custom branded laundry locker business quickly by partnering with Breezy.

10. Supplement existing services by offering dry cleaning services or wash and fold through a laundromat.


How we help


We provide a complete laundry locker solution to dry cleaners, laundry businesses and laundromats that want to utilise laundry lockers to complement their businesses.


After founding our own laundry locker business in 2012, our hard-learned lessons help companies around the world to set-up and grow, while avoiding many of the common mistakes that newcomers make in the industry.



If you would like to learn more please contact us below

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