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  • How do laundry lockers work for your customers?
    1. Customers download your app, make an account and lock their garments in any open locker 2. Use the app or text their locker number to make an order 3. Receive a text and email once their order is delivered back to the lockers and ready for pickup An example of how the system has worked for us:
  • Where can I find Laundry Locker locations and how can they be used?
    Laundry Lockers are primarily found in apartment and office buildings where they offer a convenient laundry and dry cleaning solution for residents and employees. These lockers serve as an easy drop-off and pick-up point, eliminating the need for a dedicated laundry service time slot in busy schedules. Laundry Locker Kiosks, located in supermarkets and service stations, provide a similar convenience for shoppers and commuters, turning the chore of laundry into a seamless part of their routine. At universities, these lockers are a boon for students who can efficiently manage their laundry tasks between classes. Our target audience includes busy professionals, students, building managers, and anyone else seeking a more convenient way to handle their laundry and dry cleaning needs. To further facilitate the location of Laundry Locker locations, we provide an upgraded Sales Materials Pack that includes: Custom Laundry Locker Website: A contemporary, user-friendly website optimized for mobile use. It features a clean design with a dedicated home page for sign-ups and orders, customer testimonials, a detailed overview of the service benefits, a step-by-step guide on using the service, and a comprehensive FAQ page. The website serves as an easy-to-access information portal for building managers reviewing your proposal. Commercial Pitch Deck: This refined pitch deck complements your formal proposal letter, encapsulating all necessary information for building owners. Our expertly assembled pitch deck is designed to assist you in overcoming objections and improving your chances of securing a meeting. Formal Proposal Letter: A professional introduction to your laundry locker service that aligns perfectly with the commercial pitch deck, forming a cohesive and persuasive proposal. Laundry Locker Location Legal Agreement: Avoid unnecessary legal expenses with our pre-vetted document, prepared by qualified lawyers. This agreement is designed to secure your locker location with proper terms and conditions. Complete Lead List: As part of our Sales Materials Pack, we provide a comprehensive lead list containing names, emails, and contact numbers for apartments, offices, gated communities, and universities in your area. This list can significantly enhance your outreach efforts.
  • How can I calculate return on investment?
    In evaluating the return on investment (ROI) for laundry lockers, a key factor to consider is the automation potential. This includes the use of lockers to streamline operations by minimizing staffing needs and extending operating hours. Furthermore, lockers can provide opportunities to tap into new markets. ROI for In-Store Lockers: A smaller initial investment is required to automate a small to mid-sized cleaner, typically less than $5,000 for a locker set-up. Staffing Costs: Staff-related expenses often constitute a significant portion of a business's operational costs. Here's a rough breakdown: Advertising for staff: Approximately $500 - $1000 per position, based on the use of job boards or recruitment agencies. Hiring process: Around $400 - $600 per hire, considering the administrative costs and time spent in interviews. Training staff: Roughly $1,000 - $2,000 per employee, factoring in the time and resources dedicated to training. Staff salaries: Varies significantly, but for a small to mid-size cleaner, this could range from $20,000 - $30,000 per employee annually. Expansion Profitability through Laundry Lockers: To determine the profitability of locker installations in new locations (such as apartment buildings, offices, supermarkets, universities, etc.), we base our analysis on the following assumptions: Procurement of 50 lockers, each having 2 compartments Deployment across 10 building locations within 6 months Distribution of 5 lockers per building Anticipated revenue of $1,500 per month per location ROI Analysis: Under these conditions, the ROI can be computed as follows: Initial investment totals $13,000, covering the purchase of 50 lockers and the related setup costs. Average monthly revenue is expected to be $15,000, derived from $1,500 revenue per location. Predicted gross profit per month is $4,500, assuming a profit margin of 30%. Projected annual gross profit is $54,000, based on the monthly profit estimates. Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings: Integrating locker systems into your business model offers substantial time and cost savings. Lockers boost operational efficiency by lessening the need for continuous staffing, thereby eliminating the expenses associated with recruitment, training, and retention of store employees. The time saved can be redirected towards other vital aspects of your business, augmenting overall productivity and potential for profit.
  • Is this a franchise?
    No this is not a franchise. We provide you with everything you need to set-up your own brand.
  • Will the locker software integrate with my existing set-up?
    Many existing dry cleaning and laundry point of sale software have locker components that you can use already. However we can help set up no matter what your set-up, whether you are starting from scratch or already have an integrated system.
  • How does the system work for drivers and owners?
    For Drivers: 1. A driver will have a separate login to the app which will contain a pick-up and delivery manifest. The delivery route will generally be automatically created for drivers and will show vital information like customer name, contact information, locker address and locker number. 2. When a driver arrives at the locker bank they use a master code (programmed into the lock) or a master key to open the locker. 3. The driver marks the order as picked up and leaves the locker door open. To deliver an order the driver finds an empty locker and marks the customer to the locker and locks that locker with the code provided in-app. For Owners: An owner has access to an owners portal where can find detailed information about the operations of the business. This includes things like (but not limited to): - Number of orders and order location - Revenue figures - Driver and route information etc. Training will be provided for the software during set-up.
  • How many lockers should I have per location?
    Public locations like laundromats, shopping malls, and universities generally require more lockers (8-10 lockers with two compartments each). In small apartments or offices, you could start with fewer lockers (3-4) and add more as the service grows. Installing or removing lockers is a relatively easy.
  • What is the minimum amount of lockers I can purchase?
    The shipping price is on average $55 per locker for ten and above lockers and can increase significantly with smaller quantities.
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