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An easy way property management companies are providing additional value to improve client retention

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

Competition for property managers is fierce and many are improving client retention by providing additional value through organising the installation of laundry lockers.

Laundry lockers are an innovative new technology that provides 24/7 dry cleaning and laundry services to tenants through high-quality electronic lockers - without them having to leave the building.

Laundry lockers essentially to turn a few square meters of ‘dead space’ in mailrooms, car parks or end of trip facilities into additional revenue streams for clients without them having to pay a cent.

How they work:

1. Residents create an account online (or via the app) and lock their laundry in any open locker

2. Make in order through the app or by texting their locker number

3. Receive their order back in the locker bank fresh, clean and pressed within 24-48 hours

Breezy LL help laundry providers set up laundry locker businesses around the world and can help connect you with a local cleaner that will install the lockers and provide the service at no cost.

Click ​here​ to get contacted by local cleaners who can provide this service.

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