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Partnership Program

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Partner With Us for Mutual Growth



Software Bonus:

Benefit from an exclusive bonus when you start using our software, a key component in streamlining your operations.


20% Off Lockers

As a partner, you receive a 20% discount on all locker purchases, aiding in your business setup and expansion.


65% Off Services

Gain access to our sales and marketing materials at a significant 65% discount, a crucial tool for your business growth.

Essential Partner Commitments:


Mandatory Guide Review
and Feedback:

Participation in our program requires reading our ‘How To Create A Laundry Locker Business’ guide and providing

constructive feedback.

This helps us tailor our guidance to better suit partner needs.


Required Use of 
Marketing Materials:

Partners must incorporate our sales and marketing materials into their business practices.

This integration is key to maintaining a consistent brand experience and effectiveness of promotional efforts.


Obligatory Feedback on
Lockers and Services:

Regular feedback on our lockers and the service you receive is mandatory.

Your insights are invaluable in ensuring the continuous improvement of our products and services.


Mandatory Testimonial

Sharing your success stories, including pictures, is a required part of the program.

These testimonials are essential for us to understand and demonstrate the real-world benefits of our partnership.


To take advantage of these benefits and fulfill these essential commitments, sign up for our partnership program today. Together, we can achieve greater success.

Become a 
Program Partner

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