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Get Laundry Lockers in Your Building

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What are laundry lockers?

Laundry lockers are an ultra-convenient drop-off and pick up point for laundry and dry cleaning. Think Amazon lockers, but for dirty clothes.


In a nutshell, a set of high quality, sleek looking lockers are installed in your buildings mailroom, service entrance or car park that allows occupants the opportunity to have 24/7 access to laundry and dry cleaning without having to leave the front door.

Laundry lockers are an ideal perk at the office for employees or as an additional amenity for residents of apartment buildings.

Step 1. Drop off garments

Create an account on the app and lock your clothes in an open locker

Step 2. Make an order

Make an order via the app by inputting your locker number

Step 3. Pick up order

Receive collection info after a day or two


How they work

Give the gift of time

The best thing about laundry lockers is that they save people an average of 64 journeys (about 15 hours worth of travel) to the dry cleaners or laundromats every year.


Time is valuable and you are about to give everyone in your building a whole lot more of it. Also, because laundry lockers are free, you can get a quick win and make the building a better place to be.

Think space might be an issue? Think again

If you are thinking that space might be an issue, then think again. Laundry lockers only require a minimal footprint (a few square feet) in the building and do not require power or internet connection - meaning installation is a breeze.

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