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Our Laundry Lockers


Laundry Locker

These battle-tested lockers and locks have been designed for the purpose of handling a large variety of dry cleaning and laundry orders. They are built to last with an expected 15+ year life span.

Locker Description

Vector (16).png

2 Door - Z shape Interior for Hanging Long Garments

Vector (16).png

Clean Square Door With No screws or Rivets For Easy Decal Application

Vector (16).png

Reinforced Hanging Bar For Heavy Orders

Vector (16).png

Gas-Powered Hinges To Keep Doors Closed

Vector (16).png

Door Noise Reduction Padding

Vector (16).png

Anti-Scratch Coating

Vector (16).png

Ventilation Holes and Optional Artificial
Scent Option


Wash and Fold
Locker (3 Doors)

The wash and fold locker is designed to suit wash and fold laundry orders specifically.


Long Garment
Locker (2 Doors)

The long garment locker is suitable for longer garments like evening gowns and long winter coats.

Our lockers are designed to last. We offer peace of mind with a free 5-year warranty.


5 Year Warranty

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