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What's the difference between
DropLocker and Breezy Laundry Lockers?

Here we give you a quick comparison between DropLocker and Breezy Laundry Lockers so you can make the best decision for your business.

1. The Lockers

Surface: The main difference between the surface of DropLocker and Breezy lockers is that Breezy lockers have no grooves on the front of the lockers or visible silver rivets on the sides of the lockers. Having no grooves or rivets on the surface of the lockers is not only a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look, but it is much easier to install decals.

Hinges: Breezy lockers are built with gas-powered cabinet hinges, compared to DropLockers regular hinges. Gas-powered hinges keep the doors closed and near. A % of customers do not take the time to close doors properly after collecting orders, and over time this can make lockers look messy, especially in high-end apartment buildings.

Locks: Both locks are relatively similar. They are both battery-powered, have a keypad for locking and unlocking the lock. The main difference is that DropLocker has an additional step to lock or unlock the locker with a knob that needs to be twisted to lock and unlock. Breezy lockers also have a handle on the lock, making them easier to open.

Size: Breezy lockers are the same height as DropLocker lockers, but Breezy lockers are approximately one inch wider and deeper.

Interior: Breezy's multipurpose laundry lockers have square doors and a Z-shaped interior, DropLocker has square doors and an angled interior. Breezy opted for a Z-shaped interior, similar to Tide lockers, to give the bottom cabinet more hangar space.

Price: Breezy Laundry lockers are between $129-180 less expensive than DropLocker lockers. If you would like more lockers or a higher ROI, choose Breezy. If you would like to spend more money, choose DropLocker.

2. The Software

Functionality: DropLocker software was first built to manage laundry lockers, then developed into a POS to manage other parts of a dry cleaning/laundry business. Breezy industry partners software was built as a POS first and evolved to cater to laundry lockers. If you do not have a dry cleaner or laundry business and want to operate lockers only, then you will have a slight advantage with DropLocker software. If you run a dry cleaning/laundry business and would like to utilise laundry lockers to expand or make your business more efficient, you will have a slight advantage with Breezy industry partners software.

Exclusivity: DropLocker is exclusive with this software and lockers. Breezy Laundry Lockers integrate with a wide variety of software.

Pricing: DropLocker is priced at a premium with either a % of sales or a fee to set up a new location or a cost per locker per month. Breezy has access to exclusive deals and can give you a complete setup to run the lockers, existing pickup and delivery and your in-store POS for $60-$80 per month.

3. Industry Experience

DropLocker has been in the industry longer than Breezy. Breezy started in 2012 with a fresh new approach and built on what worked and got rid of what did not.

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