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The sales collateral you need to get new locker locations


1. Letter introduction template


A template of a simple letter to building management explaining the service. Best used for a more targeted approach after visiting a building, meeting the building manager and identifying a potential location. The letter includes pictures of lockers and instructions on how the service works for users in a simple format. 


2. Proposal template


This proposal template is designed to be more commercial and will come with attractive graphics, HD images of the lockers and other frequently asked questions made by building management staff. 


3. Branded example of your lockers


You will receive a digital representation of a locker bank that features your branding with a combination of elegant decals where you want lockers to suit an aesthetic and flashy commercial decals for public spaces where you want attention.


  • Building targeting guidelines

  • Business development methods

  • Dealing with different types of stakeholders 

  • How to rebuttal common objections

Laundry Lockers Sales Pack - Proposal Letters - Info Packs

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